Maryam’s Kitchen: Fresh Homemade Bread Rolls

At 18 years old and fresh out of boarding school, I admit that I have absolutely zero experience in cooking or baking. Therefore, this is my first attempt at baking bread rolls. The last time I tried baking was around 6 months ago. I tried to make  Red Velvet cupcakes (how ambitious of me, lol) but it turned out sooo bad… Let’s just say I misread the measurements of cocoa powder and added a little too much cocoa than I should have. It was horrible, almost inedible. My mum ate half a cupcake to not make me feel bad, but the rest was not even eaten.. It was left in the fridge for so long until it was no longer edible. I was so embarrassed I almost gave up baking altogether.

Then again, no one is instantly successful. It just takes patience, hard work and determination to keep on trying until you’re really good at it. So, today I attempted to bake homemade bread rolls. It was a very simple recipe, although it took me about 2 hours and a half to make it. Fortunately, it turned out very well, crisp on the outside and beautifully fluffy in the inside! The bad news was, I was so not confident with myself that I just baked a batch of bread rolls which consists of a total of 6 rolls. There are 6 of us at home, so everyone just got one each! It’s okay though, now I know how to make it, it will be real simple to make more in the future. I might even experiment with making different types of bread rolls. As an absolute beginner in baking, I proudly say that today was a success, and a beginning to more successes in the future, I hope!

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The recipe was really easy and good, I definitely recommend everyone to go and try it, especially absolute beginners like me 🙂

Just click here for the recipe or watch the video below!