A reflection on time

There was a time when the world was seen through God given eyes, not man-made lenses attached to a small hand held device.

There was a time when people would smile freely, smiles that reached their eyes, now they worry too much about getting the right angles and lighting, they forget the purpose behind their fake, close lipped, beauty concious smiles.

There was a time when we could enjoy company thoroughly but nowadays all we get are hunched soldiers and eyes trailed down, lightened not by the happiness of being with friends but of artificial lighting emitting from the screens of the latest gadget trends.

There was a time when only one photo needed to be taken regardless of the outcome, now we snap hundreds of shots, only to discover we are satisfied with none.

There was a time when imperfections were normal, nobody gave a damn but now oh look, ten seconds in and the negative comments have already started pouring out like water gushing out of a dam.

There was a time when your own life is worth living but now it seems that people care more about other people’s lives, other people’s friends, other people’s families and they fail to see that what’s right in front of their very eyes are more worth appreciating.

There was a time when people cracked jokes about the weather, the nature, the funny situations in the office, not jokes tailored for the satisfaction of followers resulting to public humiliation of unsuspecting individuals and clenched fists.

I hate how people choose to invest money and energy on what has already passed, I hate how people snap their food before they eat instead of reflecting on how lucky they are to even have food lined on their plates, I hate how people won’t spend time off their phones to even look at the direction they are walking, I hate how people feel they have the right to tell other people how to live their lives, I hate how people lose their personalities and become the same, typical people littered across social sites, I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

Honestly, what have become of the world? Don’t people see that the present is the most important part of their lives?


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