Something to think about

People are complicated.

The mistake is that they are often categorized. Someone can be known as brave, another as less so. Someone can be known as smart, another as a little dimwitted.

The truth is, we have so many more layers to ourselves.

As humans, we are horribly inconsistent. We are brave, then fearful. Intelligent, then dimwitted, and many more defining traits, all at different times, and that’s what makes us more human. We cannot be categorized, because we would likely be placed into every category at some point. One cannot be defined as solely brave, because there are times when they will feel fear. One cannot be defines as only intelligent, because there are times they’ll know nothing about a particular subject. Human beings are tricky things; complex and layered into these unpredictable personas.

I often think that as humans, nothing is ever definite. We just often think that way because when we watch movies, read books, each character has a distinct and pre-determined personality. They are called fiction for a reason. Obviously, it would be impossible to incorporate the entirety of their lives and traits to make them realistic as it would deter the readers, the viewers from the intended plotline.

That’s what differentiates us. We don’t have plotlines. Life is so fluid, that each micro decision you make will contribute to the shape it will take in the future. Simple, harmless choices like “where should I eat tonight?” “should I go jogging this morning?” have impacts in our very own messy little stories.

Do you know that we are entirely made up of atoms? We exchange atoms with the surrounding with every inhale and exhale of our breaths. Think about it. We leave trails of atoms behind us wherever we go. There are pieces of us in everything. There are pieces of us in nature. There are pieces of us in life.

Inversely, we are made up of everything around us as well. We take a piece everywhere we go. We interchange atoms, with every human we cross paths with. We store what is around us, and leave it somewhere else. There are pieces of us in nature. There are pieces of us in our friends. There are pieces of us in our families.

If our atoms have different colours, maybe we can see how the world is one big, messy rainbow. Maybe we can see how everything latches on to each other to keep each other alive. Maybe then, discrimination will stop, because then we can see each other for what we truly are- a part of each other’s lives.


disclaimer: some parts of this post is not from my own words, but I took several excerpts to give my own comprehension to them πŸ™‚


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